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Alight Motion High Quality Edit Tutorial 2024

High Quality Edit

Alight Motion High Quality Edit Tutorial 2024

Creating high quality edit with Alight Motion isn’t just about understanding the software; it’s about mastering it to produce visually stunning and professional-grade videos. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced editor aiming to refine your techniques, this tutorial for 2024 guides you through the advanced functionalities of Alight Motion, ensuring your edits are of the highest quality.

1. Getting Started with Alight Motion

1.1 Download and Installation

Begin by downloading Alight Motion from your respective app store. Ensure your device meets the system requirements for optimal performance.

1.2 Setting Up Your Project

  • Resolution and Frame Rate: Start a new project by selecting the desired resolution (1080p is standard) and frame rate (24fps for cinematic look or 30fps for smoother motion).
  • Aspect Ratio: Choose the aspect ratio depending on where you plan to share your video, like 16:9 for YouTube or 9:16 for TikTok.


 High Quality Edit


2. Basic Editing Tools

2.1 Importing Media

  • Import Files: Tap on the ‘+’ icon to add video clips, images, and music from your device.
  • Organize Layers: Alight Motion works with layers. Drag to rearrange the sequence.

2.2 Cutting and Trimming for high quality edit 

  • Trimming Clips: Use the handlebars on either side of your clip in the timeline to trim unnecessary parts.
  • Splitting Clips: Select the scissor tool to split clips at the desired point.

3. Advanced Editing Techniques for high quality edit

3.1 Keyframe Animation

  • Adding Keyframes: Tap on any property (like position, size, or rotation) and create a keyframe at the start. Move the playhead forward, adjust the property, and another keyframe will automatically appear.
  • Easing: For smoother animation transitions, apply easing options like ‘ease in’ or ‘ease out.’

3.2 Color Correction and Grading

  • Adjust Colors: Use the ‘Color Correction’ tool to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.
  • Apply Filters: Enhance your visuals by applying preset or custom filters.

4. Special Effects and Transitions

4.1 Using Visual Effects

  • Browse Effects: Explore the effects library for visual enhancements like blurs, particle effects, or light leaks.
  • Customization: Modify effect settings for a unique look.

4.2 Creating Custom Transitions

  • Design Transitions: Combine keyframes with effects to create seamless transitions between clips.
  • Save Presets: Save your transitions as presets for future projects.

5. Audio Editing

5.1 Adding and Editing Audio

  • Synchronize Sound: Align audio clips with your video for perfect synchronization.
  • Audio Effects: Apply effects like reverb or echo to enhance audio quality.


 High Quality Edit 2024


6. Exporting Your Video

6.1 Final Checks

  • Preview: Always preview your project to ensure everything looks and sounds as intended.
  • Adjust Output Settings: Choose the appropriate codec, resolution, and bitrate before exporting.

6.2 Export and Share

  • Export File: Tap on the ‘Export’ button, choose your format, and save your video.
  • Share: Directly upload to social media platforms or save to your device.


Mastering Alight Motion requires practice and creativity. By utilizing the advanced features outlined in this tutorial, you can elevate your video edits to a professional level. Experiment with different techniques and tools to discover your unique style and enhance your video editing prowess.


  1. What is the best format to export videos for online platforms?
    • MP4 format with H.264 codec is widely accepted and provides a good balance between quality and file size.
  2. How do I back up my Alight Motion projects?
    • Use the ‘Backup and Restore’ feature in the settings to save your projects to an external storage or cloud service.
  3. Can Alight Motion be used for professional video editing?
    • Absolutely, Alight Motion offers comprehensive tools and effects that are suitable for creating professional-grade videos.
  4. Is there a way to collaborate on projects in Alight Motion?
    • Currently, Alight Motion does not support direct collaboration within the app, but you can share project files for collaborative purposes.
  5. How do I optimize performance while using Alight Motion on older devices?
    • Close other applications and clear your device’s cache to ensure Alight Motion runs smoothly. Consider reducing the resolution and frame rate of your project when working on older devices.

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